TRUTH is the New Black (2.0) When is it the right time? NOW! No Hiding! No Waiting! Let's Do This!

By Shawn Marie Turi Events (other events)

Tuesday, November 14 2017 7:00 PM 9:00 PM PST

"It is not revolutions and upheavals that clear the road to better days,
 but revelations and lavishness of someone’s soul inspired, and set ablaze."

                                                                                                                  -- Boris Pasternak

TRUTH is the Black is back! TRUTH (2.0) | Join Us + Give Back! 

Like many of you, 'my soul is inspired and set ablaze' and because of that, TRUTH is now a 'give back' event and I am proud to support and partner with V-Day: a global movement to end violence against women + girls. I've also added a 'pay what you can' (love donation option) and no one will be turned away for their inability to pay. So loves, let's do this.


This fireside style pop-up gathering is all about YOU! It’s been coming to the surface for a while now, this nudge, this pull, to ‘get the band back together’ and so… “I AM!” 

We’re letting the light in. We're talking, sharing, healing, connecting.  Ahhh! COMMUNITY. CONVERSATION. CONNECTION. TRUTH. My favorite.

Why? Because... NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME! Because we have much to talk about. Because no more hiding and no more waiting! Because together we can do so much! 

Have you been asking yourself, "What am I waiting for?" Well, if you have, maybe you've just been waiting to be invited? This is your invitation. 

So PLEASE... "Come as you are!" You are SO ready. You are enough. You are not alone! 

Honey, it's been a hell of a year and we're circling up to talk about it.  Here are a few things to get us started... 

  • Learning to love the 'necessary' hard work 

  • The power of NO

  • What's now and what's next? 

  • Intuition + TRUTH Telling: Why they matter

  • Integrity + Hustle + Heart + Win

  • Self Care Methods of Choice

  • Take Inspired Action NOW! (even when you don't feel like it!)

  • Power Mantras - why they work and why they don't

  • The cost of 'overwhelm' + the cost of remaining silent 

  • What is your body trying to tell you?

  • The power of dark side + the light side (they're both undeniable

Let's talk about it, my friend. I hope you'll join the conversation. I've missed you. It's time. 

With love -- Shawn Marie xo

Doors + Welcome: 6:30pm | Action: 7:00pm | Wrap + Connect: 8:45pm | Lights Out: 9:30pm


              TRUTH:: Commune + Converse + Connect + Create  

ABOUT Truth is the New Black
TRUTH is a conversational + fireside style interview, curated and hosted by Shawn Marie Turi. She has honest + captivating conversations with savvy, creative, innovative entrepreneurs, fearless artists, brilliant trailblazers, and benevolent rule breakers. As a creative + strategic business development consultant, she's a champion for entrepreneurs and women, she believes deeply that 'Business IS Personal' and she holds the space for others to be empowered by that exact idea. In a beautiful "SALES FREE" space, you get to be part of genuine and inspiring conversations that go deep, get real and get to the TRUTH of it all. The evening wraps with open 'all access' Q&A, where there are no questions off limits. Yeah. We go there and we can't wait to see you! Follow @shawnmarieturi


Due to the curated provisions + customized details we make for each and every event (goodie bags + surprise treats + food + beverages + seating + venue) tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable to another person. Just send an email to: [email protected]. In the subject line reference: 'Guest Name Change' and let us know who will be taking your place so we can get them on the list. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing soon. 
Team SMT xo