TRUTH is the New Black: Collective (a 10-month mastermind + think tank)

By Shawn Marie Turi Events (other events)

Thursday, February 16 2017 6:30 PM 9:00 PM PST

Welcome to TRUTH is the New Black: Collective (@ the STUDIOxo) 

What would be possible if the people around you REFUSED to let you fail? 

So, why did I create the TRUTH Collective? Because... I get it! Because you just might have an idea or vision or dream, whose time has come. Because I think we've set ourselves up for a huge let down by putting so much expectation and pressure on ourselves to strive and make our "New Years Resolutions' happen when what we actually need is, to take a minute. To 'feel' our way into the 'new year' and to genuinely (pressure free) consider what it is that we really want. And also, because... 

... doing it 'on your own' can suck. Because often others can see what you can't. Because uncertainty can be crippling. Because going it alone can be lonely and isolating. Because being by yourself makes it easy to hide out, go under, procrastinate. Because navigating the seemingly limitless possibilities can be daunting. Then there's this. Because...

... doing it with others can inspire you, embolden you, support you. Because it can add the motivation, structure, and accountability that would make ALL the difference. Because “together” is so often exactly what you need and because, time and time again, it ends up being the place where you manifest and sweat and conjure and visualize and build and launch, share stories and wake up and say "YES! Why not me!!" and applaud others (which always feels so good and brings more of the same) and it's where you learn to be a better listener, a better leader,  embrace your brilliance and celebrate your genius and birth your magic.  How great does that sound? 

So, to you my dear doers and dreamers, founders and innovators, entrepreneurs and truth seekers, risk takers and possibility believers, builders and explorers, creators and game changers, PLEASE know this... boundless astonishing opportunities await you!

The TRUTH Collective is a 10-month 'conscious' mastermind + think tank, designed for spirited and entrepreneurial minded, professionals + creatives + trailblazers + ruckus makers + light chasers, who are motivated, passionate and want something remarkable in their business and life. It's for those who crave more who are ready to do the work and want to make 2017 -- their most magical results aligned year... ever!

The 'Collective' is an intimate, workshop-style gathering, that is mission driven and fiercely committed to growth and momentum. It's rooted in the tradition of a 'mastermind', organized like a 'think tank' and anchored in momentum, aimed at making an impact in "your life + business" in a way that is next to impossible when we're working alone. 

Here's how it works: 

Circle Up + Gather -- We meet in person, once a month, at the STUDIO (in DTSA) to build and grow your business, to share and to learn, to co-work and collaborate, to move your business, your project, your vision... forward. Each month, we focus on and tackle one key topic:  

  • Ideal Client Avatar + Ideal Vertical Markets

  • Bottom Line Growth Strategy + Competition

  • Sales + Closing + Profit Clarity 

  • Launches + Buying Psychology

  • List Building + Influencers

  • Product Offering + Pricing  

  • Goals + Desires

  • Marketing + Social Media

  • and more

Re-Connect + Office Hours -- We have a 90-min group call (mid-month) to take on specific needs or projects you might be working on that need some definitive support or direction. 

Implementation Days -- During the 10-month Collective, we will also have 3 Implementation Days. These are 'full days' where we meet @ the STUDIO + BUNGALOW for a day of 'hands-on' implementation.  

One on One -- In your 2-hour private session, we’ll drill down even further. This can be used anytime during the year. You can also break it down to two 1-hour sessions if you prefer.  

Dates + Times -- We meet the first Tuesday of the month (February - June / August - December) from 6:00pm - 9:00pm (doors open at 5:30pm). We have an 'open office' 90-min call the middle of the month. Our 3 'implementation days' take place mid-month, in May / August / November. 

So darling, if you’re ready to circle up and get busy and bring your idea, project, vision, dream to life and the idea of working in a ‘collective’ with other brilliant + generous + gorgeous + like-minded go-getters lights you up...  then this is for you!

To 2017… your best year yet! I can't wait to get started! 

SM xo