Desire Map Workshop: Make 2020 your best year yet and bridge the gap between your Desires and your Intentions.

By Shawn Marie Turi Events (other events)

Fri, Nov 15 2019 7:00 PM PST Sun, Nov 17 2019 4:30 PM PST


Desire Mapping: It's a total game-changer!!!

TRUTH:: "You're not actually chasing the goal. Your chasing the way you hope you'll feel when you get there!"  What??? Take this in. It's a big deal! 

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. The Desire Map is the soulful + candid curriculum that will help you get there. 

The Desire Map. It is an ocean of wisdom, a practical workbook, and a soul-awakening experience and it just might change your life and your work! Actually? It might just change EVERYTHING!

This Workshop is for:

  • Leaders. Creatives
  • Executives + Entrepreneurs
  • Innovators + Seekers
  • Makers + Adventurers
  • Practitioners + Readers
  • Writers + Artists
  • Thinkers + Trailblazers

This work is for those who are ready and willing to...

  • do a deep dive
  • get the TRUTH of what they really want MORE of
  • uncover how they ACTUALLY want to feel and then...
  • do something about it! 

** I am Shawn Marie and I will get you there! btw... if you're wondering, my Core Desired Feelings are:

  • Magic
  • Order
  • Sanctuary
  • Sade

                        "If you want to find out... YOU have to go in!"

Most of us set goals first - consciously or unconsciously - and 'then' we relegate our desires, feelings, wants, cravings, yearnings and put them second, third, or even further down the list. But unbeknownst to most of us, it's NOT the accomplishment or goal you are chasing, but rather, how you "hope" it will make you feel when we get there or when we get the 'thing' you're chasing, striving for, going after. But... what if? 

  • What if you knew what you truly desired... and why? 
  • What if you could unearth feelings that truly resonate with you on such a level, that go even deeper than, let's say... "happy / comfortable / successful / confident"?? (there's nothing wrong with those, but there's something deeper. I promise you! and it's worth going in for!)
  • What if once you discovered how you 'actually' want to feel, you knew what to do with it, why it matters and how to apply in a way to create a life and work that you love? (you might have been longing for this, for years?)
  • What if I told you... "the wait is over!"  

Desire Mapping balances, compliments, and moves you closer to your TRUTH and supports you in identifying and taking action on what you REALLY want the most in "all areas of your life!"  Not to mention... this work will shake the dust off your soul. How great is that?

I am SO privileged to this work, to do what I love, to leave an impression, to make a difference, to help change lives, spare sanity, save businesses, shift partnerships, deepen communication, help create a space for more self-love, more TRUTH, more of what YOU want. It's a really big deal and I'll tell you this... "if you're ready to do this work, I'm ready too. I got you!"

I've said it before and it's worth saying it again. "This work has changed everything for me and it might for you too!" 

Ready? Let's Do This! Here's the nitty-gritty::

2 1/2 Day Desire Map Experience: In-Person Workshop in Orange County

Held in a beautiful, warm, private space in Orange County, this 2 1/2 day workshop will guide you to your cored desired feelings, your preferred state of being and give you a new perspective on Goal Setting:

  • Dates + Time: Oct 25th - 27th 
  • Cost: $800 (payment plans available / see tickets for information / Q's? pls inquire)
  • Location: South Orange County (you will be notified the week before the workshop.

Breakdown of the dates/details:

  • Friday, Oct 25th: 7pm -10pm
  • Saturday, Oct 26th: 8am - 6pm
  • Sunday, Oct 27th: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Your Workshop includes::

  • Desire Map Book + Desire Map Workbook
  • Organic Gourmet Lunch + Snacks + Beverages
  • Curated Goodies (from me to you) 
  • Yoga + Meditation: Saturday / Sunday morning (completely optional) 

Some things you can get out of the workshop:

  • identify your core desires 
  • learn how to use them to create more of what you actually want
  • discover how using your CDF's to make decisions (large + small) elevates everything
  • explore your current relationship to desires + wants
  • bridge the gap between your desires and your intentions, then... take action
  • uncover what you want to 'have + do + experience' and how your CDF's inform those choices
  • discuss what's working, what's not, where you get hung-up, feel guilty and the challenges that arise from pursuing what you really desire  
  • create daily or weekly habits or rituals (that feel really good to you!) to help facilitate and get you into your 'preferred state of being', desire + contentment
  • expand your experience of and connecting to language and deepen your intellectual +  emotional and sensory response to it (this is a real thing and it's life-changing)
  • work through any resistance that might come to the surface and your progress through the Desire Map and remember, you are not alone in this  
  • make connections and establish relationships with some amazing women, who are real + practical, soulful + strategic, creative + wise and who (like you) are also learning to put the heart + soul + desire + preferred state of being first, and goals.... second. (let the prior inform the ladder).
  • walk away from this workshop with new tools, a new understanding of who you are, how you use to approach goals, what your relationship to desire has been and what it can be and finally, what you truly desire MORE of, who you are (deep down) and what you want to have + do + experience from the place of "how you actually want to FEEL!"

Some things to think about and a Q for you:: How do you actually want to feel in...

  • In your BUSINESS?
  • Your CAREER?
  • Your LIFE?
  • Your HOME?
  • Your BODY?
  • Your ART? 

I know that's a lot of info, but wanted you to have the whole skinny, so... if you are ready to connect to your desires, let's do it! 

** Reminder:: This intimate workshop has limited space for those who are ready to dive in, so if you'd like to join us, be sure to get your RSVP in.

I can't wait to see you. Truly!  
Shawn Marie  xo

 Still, have Q's? Let's schedule a time to talk and see if DM'ing is right for you. Just email me | [email protected]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

** If you're someone who would like to know I came to Desire Mapping, this is for you!! **

I discovered Danielle LaPorte (and her work) in 2010 and since that time, it's been, pure love! I'm a fan, a friend and I continue to watch (as many do) in amazement as she continues to put out stunning work. I admire her deeply and her work, most specifically the Desire Map, changed the way I do EVERYTHING!  I had the privilege of being part of her 'beta' DM Workshops in 2014 and became a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator the minute she launched and in 2019, I became a 'Master Desire Map Facilitator'. 

For me personally... Desire Mapping had literally changed EVERYTHING for me! I have used The Desire Map to bury the last ties to my addiction to workaholism and identify what I truly desire. It has helped dismantle depression, anxiety, and "lost-ness."  It has given me the tools to anchor myself professionally and personally and remedied my chronic practice of setting goals that were NOT in alignment with my true self. 


* What some exceptional women have to say about Desire Mapping *

“I loved Desire Mapping with Shawn Marie. She creates a beautiful intentional space. I was able to share anything... everything with this group of amazing women I left feeling invigorated, inspired, and supported, seen and heart. I recommend this work and Shawn Marie to everyone!" 

— nichole norman

“Shawn Marie is an extraordinary leader, a compassionate guide and masterful facilitator. I'd follow her anywhere. She is one of the most intuitive leaders I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She is rooted and she generates community with ease. She led our group with such wonder and at the same time made every person there feel empowered and like the workshop was just for them. That is an exceptional talent. If you are looking for a strategic and soulful guide and collaborator, I highly recommend you take this journey with her and go all-in on this wild adventure called The Desire Map. You won't be sorry!"

— britain garr

“I am (and have been, for some reason) one of those people who came into this world with a ton of emotions and had no idea how to deal with them. It's been this way most of my life. Didn't know how to process them, access them or manage them, so I usually just pushed away or pushed them back down. For reasons that are now completely obvious to me, that was not the answer that was going to move me close to fulfillment. Being introduced to The Desire Map was one of the best things that have ever happened to me. It helped me not only get to the root of who I am and connect to what brings me the most joy in my life, but it also helped me discover a way to tap into and connect to my feelings and not be overwhelmed or overpowered by them. I didn't know it then, but I do now. I'd been waiting for this my whole life.

I didn’t get the full impact of The Desire Map by just reading it on my own, although I loved reading it. It was not until I was walked through the work and curriculum, with an amazing group of women and with  Shawn Marie leading the way, with her openness and honesty and insight, that it was finally brought to life for me. I had real conversations, answered deep soul-searching questions and something started to open up for me. It was like meeting myself for the first time in my life. That might sound extreme to some, but this was true for me. In my opinion, you really can't fully experience all that the Desire Map has to offer (not to it's fullest) without sharing it with others. This was the highlight of my year and I plan to do it again." 

— kylie sommers

“Doing the work of the Desire Map, in this group setting, felt like a comfy, inspiring gathering with girlfriends and it wasn't until I looked back 3 months later realized it had drastically changed my life. Organically, without anxiety-laden checklists, this group took me from working an office job with no passion to quitting my career, becoming yoga teacher certified, signing up for French lessons, and confidently pursuing the life I’ve always wanted."

— paddy alvera

“Shawn Marie is a beautiful soul and a thoughtful leader. She is kind while also being strategic and she is whip-smart. I came to the The Desire Map, not knowing much about, feeling apprehensive and not knowing anything about Shawn Marie. I was joining a friend who thought it would be fun if we did this together. If I'm being honest, I came in Friday night doing a bit of kicking and screaming and by Sunday night, I was saying this was an experience I will always treasure and it's true.

To all the naysayers, do yourself a favor and take this workshop asap! Shawn Marie is the real deal and her ability to unite a group people who know nothing about each other and the way she gets to the heart of the matter, is like magic (and I don't use words like that) Our group was from many cross-sections, we were spread out across space and disciplines, opinions and experiences and yet we all found ourselves wanting the same thing for each other as for ourselves. What she does is impressive. She has a way of making every individual feel heard and feel like they really matter. And they do, we do. I really appreciate her for that."

— jennifer grace 

“The Desire Map leads you into a new way of thinking about yourself, your life, your work, your goals. It is both subtle and profound. It's more about self-awareness than self-help, which can so often leave you feeling "self-absorbed", if not feeling sorry for yourself and that's not fun. The Desire Map (and Desire Mapping) is the exact opposite of that and unlike most 'self-help books', this one has actually reinvented something antiquated into something that fits into today's lifestyle. It re-invents the way you look at yourself, your priorities, and your goals and the way you set them, approach them. It's structured but open and you'll find yourself able to reach and achieve that which you want the most, both naturally and organically."

“Working through the Desire Map process was the first time I’ve really every seriously asked myself, "How do I want to feel and what it is I actually want?" Unearthing the answers to the questions asked of us throughout the workshop helped me identify what was and was not working in my life, in my work, in my relationships and it made room for the things that sincerely light me up. It was an invigorating process than walking through it with a community of people to spur you forward, cheer you on, and offer authentic connection along the way. Shawn Marie fosters just that. Not only do I feel more in tune with myself after desire mapping, but I have surrounded myself with divine women along the way. I could not be happier with my experience."

— michele lamar

"Shawn Marie was the perfect facilitator for the discussions around the content of this book because she authentically empowers and supports women for exactly who they are, exactly where they're at and really connects to who they are aiming to become. Her willingness to share her own life experiences opens everything and everyone up. She has a way of completely bringing the group together, alleviating any feelings of alienation and self-consciousness and what I call 'outsider-ism' She's an energizing motivating presence and a rare and authentic voice. After working with Shawn Marie, I will never again think of my "feelings" as a trivial and I will never look at 'goal setting' the same way again. Everything is different now. I'm so clear. Once you know the truth, there is no getting the Genie back in the bottle and why would I want to?"

— sophia grace


Due to the intimate and personalized nature of our events, we cannot accommodate refunds.

We can however, apply your ticket price towards a future gathering or event with us (within 6-months of event) as long as we have no less than 5-days prior notice. Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of everything for you,

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